Jade and Mindscape tutorial and question about plug-ins

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      Hello Samplegenie Team and Members.

      I just finished watching the Jade and Mindscape Video for this month and wanted to say a big thank you to them and the team for a great lesson. I really enjoyed it, it was very clear and concise. Jade and Mindscape both make great teachers as well as being great Producer/Dj’s.

      I look forward to learning more from them and the rest of the team in the coming months!

      One thing that came to mind while watching is that I noticed you have Sausage Fattener on some of the channels and I would like to ask a bit about this because I do not own this or similar plug ins like IMpusher for example:

      I understand that these plug ins are essentially a chain of different fx hidden behind a interface so you only see the macros, correct?

      With that being the case would it not be better to make the chain yourselves using the individual components?

      I understand that being able to just use one plug in saves essential time and CPU but does it not restrict you greatly not having control over every component of each effect along the chain?

      or is it used so lightly it really doesn’t matter?

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      really good tutorial. Was hoping they would talk about the synth parts that were working with the bassline. It was a great tutorial but felt like they talked a little to much about the routing which slowed things down a bit. assuming most of us here are aware of these routing techniques, pretty basic stuff. could be wrong though not really a big deal. not sure about the sausage fattener hopefully they can answer your question. I would guess they just put it on sounded good then moved forward. I love these sorts of plugs they can surprise you and just makes workflow faster.

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      also the track referencing thing was gold, got me thinking how could do that in logic and kind of figured a way not quite as good as theirs but still it works.

      This whole track referencing thing though. I have been obsessed with it for a long time now. what usually do is just sit there analyzing tracks taking notes of rms, frequency curves and stereo width when bored. then when im working on tracks i try get similar results in these meters.

      Then when I get a decent sketch going i will load a pro track that is a similar style to do comparisons and it is always a frustrating moment to say the least, my track never stands up. Then i start trying to alter all these sounds i have processed to hit harder or differently to match the pro track more.

      Anyway would yous recommend actually having the pro track in from the get go. building your kick to hit similar and your snares working your way through the beat then so on until you have the sketch there that should be less of a let down hopefully and then getting more creative after that. like referencing every step of the way instead of ten steps in and being disappointed.

      Big ups hopefully they might be able to chime in fingers crossed.

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      For referencing, just use a plugin called Magic A/B on your master, it’s absolute gold. Much easier than setting up an extra out, plus you can load up to 6 tracks in it, loop the sections you want, etc.

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      Yes that plug looks awesome. been eyeing it up for awhile, but i am too poor 🙁

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      ,GENIE HQ

      We will hopefully be opening up a Q&A with Jade & Mindscape on here, so you can ask them your questions…

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      That would be sick! Shot guyss!

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