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OK – we try to keep this kind of chat off the forum, but here you go 🙂

To explain as briefly as possible – Imagine you had been using our site since the beginning…
Many of our members have been with us for a long time, collecting the videos to their accounts.
Now if a couple years down the line someone joins up and pays for one month granting them access to all of the videos we have made for the price of one month’s membership – you would feel slightly upset I’m sure. So in the interests of making things fair and respecting our loyal members, this would not be possible.
However the bonus is when you sign up, you get the current months video + the previous months, so on this occasion you get two for the price of one.,

The parallel to film rental, is that while you are signed up your ‘rental’ is alive on all videos you have previously streamed.
Material from outside this time can be brought from the vault for a couple of pounds.
(half price to the initial release)

Hope this explains the format, any more questions always best to email
[email protected]

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