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Thank you for taking a moment to respond so thoroughly!
My post/comment/question was bearing in mind previous users.
There are other sites that I have been a member of (2 actually, i’d happily share them privately, as I’m not here to advertise for others) for years that are content/subscription based and tiered in a “free vs paid” service for their tutorial content. Fortunately I do not need to imagine being an older (paid) customer and how I would feel about a new (paid) customer getting access to the same material as I am in that position on those sites.
I do not harbor a grudge against new users on those sites, but I do feel it is unfair to assume your customers would here.
In the coming months/years that I will continue to enjoy the content with my subscription within this site I will in fact pity the new users for their feeling of “missing out” on a subject like this without the extra dollar signs to “hang out with the cool kids”, if you will.
I understand your viewpoint on this, even though I may disagree.
Your subscription has value, I see that fully, and appreciate the ability to purchase the past videos rather than have them be scrubbed from the site each month. I see this site as a wonderful breath of air for tutorials, and the sample pack is a nice “cherry on top”.


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