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The other sites would be Mr bill, and Tom Cosm. they are prolific enough in their subscribed tutorial sites and production work that I do not need to link them.

I understand how many videos I can see according to your system, none of this is lost on me. I don’t understand why you feel that is a relevant issue at this point. I’m familiar with how the site works. I enjoy it.

The “point” you are trying to outline, again, is a viewpoint. Not a point of fact. you have asked me to imagine a scenario I already live on other sites while I may be new to this one.

The truth is, since you bring up the stream vs dl, and what i have access to personally: any of the videos on my “video page” are only stream-able.
So, as a paying user, I actually have to pay you twice if i want to own one of these videos.

Once for the subscription, and once again for a download. I recognize increasing a profit on a product wherever one can, I worked in marketing for about 9 years.

So really, I feel bad for subscribers that have been here from the start having to pay for their subscription the whole time, while i can just pay a couple dollars and own the same videos that they are only allowed to stream unless they pay you even more.
ergo, there are 2 subjects at play.
1) a “pay to play” system for new subscribers to be able to obtain any older knowledge from before the time,
2) old subscribers must pay you again for content they have already paid for if they want to keep it on their hard drive, so that various internet speed/availability issues dont hamper their use of your site.

Once more, on the subject of your viewpoint on “fair”….

I have been a member of Tom Cosms website for 6 years. Whenever a new subscriber joins the site, I do not develop animosity towards them for being able to learn what I have also learned. I don’t even think about them, because they aren’t putting money in my wallet.
Mr Bill’s website I have been on for 4 years. I do not harbor any resentment when a new user pays for his service, and is allowed access to the same knowledge.
Both of these sites are profound wells of information, and their subscription support has transformed the tutorial world overall.

In the example of my time-frame on your site, since you felt the need to bring it up:
I don’t even think about users who signed up today, let alone think I should have access to subscribed content from September and they shouldn’t because they just got here today in November. when I come to your site, I come for tutorials, not because I think I’m superior to the person who signed up after me.

I feel your viewpoint of old subscriber vs new subscriber is true, but only for the admins of your site, as you are the ones receiving the revenue. You are the ones that own all the content. We just rent it, remember?

When I was a member of Blockbuster (to use your example again) I never once thought that someone who signed up 3 years after me shouldn’t be able to watch the same movies I did 3 years ago because I had been a member longer. We were all just renting movies since we were paid members.

Thank you for your response.

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