Reply To: Best videos to buy? & feedback ;)


It is true that all the vids are really good from here and u learn at least one new thing in each one. As mentioned the Stealth one is really good for bass, the way he sets up his busses in logic and how he balances all the layers helped me loads. The Quadrant ones are all really good as well, lots of good info on chopping breaks and checking phase ect on your drums. if you use ableton its also a good insight on how to set up busses/folder tracks in a project.
I think the joe ford one from the digital labz seminar is well worth it also, his tips on making reeces and stabs and the way he puts it all together at the end i found really useful.
Other ones i think are good for bass are the icicle ones on point blank music school, and the DLR one for computer music. you should be able to find these on youtube.
Your loop sounds good man, just keep on experimenting/layering/resampling!

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