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      I recently joined this site and think its sick, i’ve only seen the Signal and Chris SU vids, I’m wondering if anyone has any faves for bass design and arrangement, as well as mixing sick drums?

      This track is a recent thing i’ve made since watching the tutorials and I can tell myself they’ve helped a lot so any feedback/ideas on where to take it would be great!

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      Good track man

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      The Silent witness bass one is cool for bass design he talks and shows how he uses fm synthesis in ableton to create his basses. The Insideinfo ones are really good and the Fre4knc one on drums is really good too. there is so many good ones tbh.

      Really nice job on that track man it has potential for sure. Couple things i think you could improve on. there is that bass sound that is in the intro then comes in on the second section of the drop. I personally dont think thats quite working yet. in the intro there is two basses building that one and the one that actually carries into the drop. I would just keep the one that is going to be in the drop and let it take up more space. also think there might be a stab sound from this bass that i think is a bit problematic layered with the kick at the start of every second bar in the drop that sounds a bit too direct and jumps out too much and also masks the kick. That rhythm that it plays in the second section of the drop is cool and a nice change up just needs tightened up a bit and should come across nice. You have nice clarity in the top end which is great but i think you could get a bit more punch and weight into the whole production with not to much hassle. I would even just try doing a bit of master processing for a start, midside eq cut all the side info around 120hz and below as its a nice wide mix so there could be some side bass info causing problems. then play around with some subtle boosts in the 125hz-50hz areas to increase the punch and weight. Ideally you would just go back to the mix and fix these but sometimes you can just fix it up on the master this time and work on bettering this stuff in your next mix. This is just what i would do though so take it with a grain of salt. Hope this helps in some way. keep mixing bro

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        id say the stealth and rido ones were some of the best so far especially the stealth ones

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      I just purchased the first one, believe it was ‘Amoss Bass Design & Resampling’.

      The actual video itself wasn’t great (I know it’s an older video – however I’m new to all this so I thought I’d start from the beginning), although it did teach me some decent techniques to get me started with resampling!

      Here’s my first attempt at it using the new knowledge I have gained (as well as a break from my first downloaded pack)…

      Hopefully much more for me to learn in future videos 🙂

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      It is true that all the vids are really good from here and u learn at least one new thing in each one. As mentioned the Stealth one is really good for bass, the way he sets up his busses in logic and how he balances all the layers helped me loads. The Quadrant ones are all really good as well, lots of good info on chopping breaks and checking phase ect on your drums. if you use ableton its also a good insight on how to set up busses/folder tracks in a project.
      I think the joe ford one from the digital labz seminar is well worth it also, his tips on making reeces and stabs and the way he puts it all together at the end i found really useful.
      Other ones i think are good for bass are the icicle ones on point blank music school, and the DLR one for computer music. you should be able to find these on youtube.
      Your loop sounds good man, just keep on experimenting/layering/resampling!

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