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,Sunken Forest

Hey Zak. Massive and Serum would definitely be capable of conjuring up similar sounds. I’m not too familiar with Sytrus but I reckon most subtractive synths would do the job.

Most of the movements could be accomplished with a pitch envelope to create a punch at the start of the sound. Then a filter envelope/LFO modulating a low pass. You could dial it in by getting a basic tone that you’re happy with, then workinf on the filter/pitch movement. You can always go back and adjust the oscillators if you’re not happy with the harmonics.

Once you have something you’re happy with, bounce out a few single note variations and put them in a sampler to play around with more pitching, filtering and distortion. In terms of this still of bass processing, there isn’t a great amount of video tutorials around. Most of it is based on big neuro basslines. The Alix Perez Computer Magazine one is really cool if you’re interested.

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