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      Hi again guys,

      As I’ve previously said, I’m pretty new to DNB production as a whole!

      I’ve kinda got my head around a bit of resampling simple reese basses, but I’m really loving these dark, sub heavy style basses that I heard on a DBR UK track (link below).

      Any advice on how I can approach making them (I have NI Massive & XFER Serum – but I’m feeling using FL Studio’s native Sytrus for this style of bass)?

      Have a sick weekend! I’m seeing S.P.Y & Ed Rush tonight in Manchester so I’m sure I will 😉


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      ,Sunken Forest

      Hey Zak. Massive and Serum would definitely be capable of conjuring up similar sounds. I’m not too familiar with Sytrus but I reckon most subtractive synths would do the job.

      Most of the movements could be accomplished with a pitch envelope to create a punch at the start of the sound. Then a filter envelope/LFO modulating a low pass. You could dial it in by getting a basic tone that you’re happy with, then workinf on the filter/pitch movement. You can always go back and adjust the oscillators if you’re not happy with the harmonics.

      Once you have something you’re happy with, bounce out a few single note variations and put them in a sampler to play around with more pitching, filtering and distortion. In terms of this still of bass processing, there isn’t a great amount of video tutorials around. Most of it is based on big neuro basslines. The Alix Perez Computer Magazine one is really cool if you’re interested.

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        Hi mate,

        Thanks for the quick reply!

        Sytrus is an 6 operator FM and RM synth, good alternative to FM8 in my eyes, you can even draw in your own wave shapes into each operator (similar to what you can do in Serum). It even has a X-Y pad for modulation and automation! Slightly overwhelming for me but I’d love to get my head around FM synthesis!

        That information is great!

        I’ll give it a go later on tonight and see how it goes.

        And also definitely check that Computer Magazine episode out as well!



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      I’m also keen on knowing how to get those DBR UK style bass sounds. For me the processing to obtain that analogue warmth is still a mystery. Trying to obtain similar results with soft synths only, I always end up with something that sounds plastic and harsh to me, like a lot of releases I hear nowadays.

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      ,Robert Kramer

      I think a lot of that “Dispatch Sound” is the use of analog filters and tube distortion… it sounds oldschool in methodology, but still modern and clear in presentation, if that makes sense. The Break masterclass on Digital Labz goes into making sounds like that… he said he uses an old EMU 6400 or something similar (basically the holy grail of D&B samplers, on account of its unique and quality filters). If you chain some analog-modeled filters on a bass sound, draw/perform in some movements, and then run that through a tube-style distortion, either cranked in parallel or decently-driven in serial, you can probably get close. Make sure to use a low-pass, at least, on some harmonically rich material (something originating from a square or saw, basically).

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        Never thought of distorting after filtering, I always used it to create harmonics then filter them down. definitely something I am going to try. Thanks !

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      Some nice ideas on getting a bit more warmth in your bass here:

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