Reply To: Stuck in a creative rut – suggestions for these three WIPs?


Hey mate,

It’s something that a lot of people struggle with, switching from a loop to a full song.
One thing you can do is grab a track from an inspiring producer, and analyse each elements, when does he put risers, what kind, how does some new sound come in/out, how many bars before a switch and what not. Villem’s video explains it quite well :
There are a few videos on here where producers break down their track and how they’ve been constructed (Dose’s, Signal’s sound design ws 2), and this one from Signal :
Dub Head streamed building a whole track from scratch in 3 hours, there are no commentaries but it still helped me a lot :

Hope that helps !

Also I love the percs in Hayabusa, rolling biz ! 😀

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