Stuck in a creative rut – suggestions for these three WIPs?

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      ,Robert Kramer

      Hey gang,

      I’ve been having good luck planting the seeds of what I think could be decent tracks – only problem is, I don’t know exactly what to do with them. I’ve been having problems finishing tracks to be honest… like, since day one. I’d like to break the spell, and I think I could use your help.

      Below are three works in progress. I’m looking for any and all feedback I can get – anything from musicality and arrangement to sound design and engineering. What am I overlooking? What should I add or subtract from these tracks?


      Thank you!

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      Hey mate,

      It’s something that a lot of people struggle with, switching from a loop to a full song.
      One thing you can do is grab a track from an inspiring producer, and analyse each elements, when does he put risers, what kind, how does some new sound come in/out, how many bars before a switch and what not. Villem’s video explains it quite well :
      There are a few videos on here where producers break down their track and how they’ve been constructed (Dose’s, Signal’s sound design ws 2), and this one from Signal :
      Dub Head streamed building a whole track from scratch in 3 hours, there are no commentaries but it still helped me a lot :

      Hope that helps !

      Also I love the percs in Hayabusa, rolling biz ! 😀

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      ,Robert Kramer

      Hey Virul!

      That advice was incredibly helpful – thanks for sharing it! The Villem video in particular made me realize how straightforward arranging can be when you have a blueprint to guide you.

      I took Mefjus’ “Blitz” and used it to guide the arrangement of “Matador.” Below is what I’ve come up with so far – I think it works well. That technique was just the ticket!

      Matador (Edit 02)

      Thanks again man!

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      I think Virul has pointed you in the right direction here, it’s not that you’re stuck in a creative rut, you just don’t seem to know how to create a full arrangement of a song yet. Sounds like you’re heading in the right direction now but don’t get caught up in thinking you have to start with a loop or groove, there are plenty of ways to go about it. Personally i often start with an intro, build chords and a bassline and melody that works with the chord structure and let the song build itself. When you listen to the intro you’ll have an idea in your head of what the drop should sound like and then you can create it. For me it’s all about the story of the song, expressing what you or it is trying to say to the world, for others it’s about simply about creating a groove and building everything around that.

      With regards to structure, if you want to create DJ friendly club tracks then you’ll be expected to adhere to certain criteria (32/48/64 bar intro into the first drop etc), but if you’re writing for yourself, don’t feel that you have to follow those rules; do what feels right to you. Some of the most interesting songs often have the most unexpected structures.

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