Reply To: My first dnb track. Looking for some advices

,Robert Kramer

Damn dude! Quite good for a first track – totally agree on the Ram vibe too.

I’d recommend striking a finer balance between the bass elements – make the main bass (the first one that plays in the drop) a little louder and fatter, and turn the response basses down a bit. Compression and distortion can help with this.

Also, as far as arrangement goes – I’d switch things up after two repeats of the same phrase structure. So for the drop, do something like AABA when it comes to sequencing sections. Or AABB (Phace does this a lot, for example, check out tunes like Fraktal Total). Switching up the vibe just enough at just the right moments helps sustain interest.

All in all, banging track! Keep it coming dude!

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