My first dnb track. Looking for some advices

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      Hi. This is my first dnb track. Some tips what i can improve are welcome

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      ,GENIE HQ

      cool vibe, quite Ram sounding 🙂

      feedback as follows:

      1. the end riff, first coming in at 0.53 maybe could do with developing a bit, possibly sounds a bit ‘preset’ ?

      2. some switch ups in the bass dept will keep it moving

      3. more going on in the build up bit will add more energy

      4. generally more edits and changes throughout to keep the interest

      5. mix wise – not bad! maybe a little bit more sub end in there might be possible.

      nice one! The jump up kind of vibes are coming back in, good time to be making stuff along these lines 🙂

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      thx. I will try to follow these advices when writing next tunes 🙂

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      ,Robert Kramer

      Damn dude! Quite good for a first track – totally agree on the Ram vibe too.

      I’d recommend striking a finer balance between the bass elements – make the main bass (the first one that plays in the drop) a little louder and fatter, and turn the response basses down a bit. Compression and distortion can help with this.

      Also, as far as arrangement goes – I’d switch things up after two repeats of the same phrase structure. So for the drop, do something like AABA when it comes to sequencing sections. Or AABB (Phace does this a lot, for example, check out tunes like Fraktal Total). Switching up the vibe just enough at just the right moments helps sustain interest.

      All in all, banging track! Keep it coming dude!

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      ,Eugen Bass

      Damn man, u sure it’s your first dnb track? Is not perfect but is really good.

      What genre you did before?

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      Thx dudes 🙂 specially for the arrangement advice.
      Its first released. I produce music for maybe 2 years, but im dj for 10+.
      I try to dj many generes, like hip hop, nu-breaks, ghetto funk, electro swing :))
      Nowadays i play dnb and multigenere sets, and like scratching.

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