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Hey Joppa,

I’ve lost track of the amount of times this has happened. To prevent it I separate my music sessions.

– Sound design
– Building breaks/perc tops etc
– Structure and vibe
– Mixdown

You’re probably getting “writers block” as you’ll start building a vibe of the track, get excited, then try to design the missing piece, get lost in synthesis, and forget what you were doing. Build the sounds first. By separating sound design and structure, its easier to get tracks down quickly. With sound design sessions you lose the pressure of “having” to get further than 32 bars. You just do whatever the fuck you want. Make crazy sounds, and throw weird fx chains on the sounds. Record, bounce, manipulate. Save for later!
Come back a day or two later and construct the track with your building blocks. Try to make a 32 bar drop/small intro. Walk away. Come back with fresh ears and build the track outwards from there.

P.s try to avoid using reverb/delay etc. If your track sounds good without those FX then it’ll sound sick once you use those. I normally build a vibe with the Drums and Bass. Then flatten everything and have another sound design with crazy FX, flatten, chop and fill in the spaces.

It makes the whole process a lot more fun.

TLDR: have fun with sound design, come back and build the track later

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