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      Hey all was wondering what other participants do to break the loop I tend to build a 8 to 16 bar loop then end up getting bored with the project any thoughts on how to complete music thanks in advance

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      Indeed. I usually follow this process with an hour wasted on YouTube to find the next inspirational technique, rinse and repeat!

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      ,just mack

      When I get stuck in a 16 bar loop, I normally take a track I’m feeling and I drag it into my project. I then listen to what they’re adding to the track at what point and then I base my track around that arrangement. I’m not copying of the track, but I’m just getting ideas on what to do next.

      I also think adding a lot of transition effects to your track will really make it sound full, try taking stuff out of your 16 by loop and spreading out along the track with a lot of reverse, crashes and white noise and atmosphere.

      I hope this helps. Let me know how you get on.🫡

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      Hi Joppa,

      Yes mate, been there many times. I find the following helps;

      1: Put a reference track in at the same key you want to work in. This will help you structure tunes beyond 8-16 bars.
      2: Structure drums accordingly and get a good call and response with your bass going until your head nearly falls off with the groove from nodding.
      3: Check you are on point with the frequencies according to eq against the reference track. I use span which is free and excellent!
      4: Break your sessions down into different areas e.g. drums/bass/sub/mids/lead/sound design/sessions.

      Just some ideas which I hope are helpful mate! Big ups, Matt

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      ,GENIE HQ

      cool question and nice answers here crew…
      One idea which works for nearly all creative mediums is to take your sketch, and then do 3 or 4 variations of it…
      Don’t spend too long on each, keep things moving and intuitive.

      – So do a different version: keep all the parts other than the beats and make the beats from scratch again in a different way.

      – Do another version: this time keeping the beats but change up the bass and other parts.

      – Then do another version: and do something radical like put loads of distortion and LFO pumping / delay / frequency shifting / rind mod on the master output and see if some kind of interesting sample can be made by totally mangling the whole thing as one. This sample could end up being the basis for the finished tune.

      At the end of this process see what you have and if something can be amalgamated from the 3-4 different sketches.

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      How about collabs? A fresh perspective can help maintain motivation when things get stale.
      Is there a thread on here for interested parties?

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