Reply To: BLEJ Serum Patches + Halogenix Q&A


Here’s a start. First, just audio:

Then the patches, wavetables, and FX chains I made from the original Blej Bass patch:

A couple of the patches have wavetables I made from other experimenting, so go grab those from the OSC’s in the patches. I think in IV, IX and X.

So what did I do?

  • Open the original patch. Go to Menu in the upper right part of Serum. Near the bottom of this menu are some Render and Resample options, so I made a few wavetables from doing that. Experimented a little to see what might change the results of each, but there wasn’t much.
  • OSC Table Edit (the little pencil in the corner of the OSC wavetable window), messed around with different morph settings, also trying different sort options. Sometimes using Sort on an existing table changes how a patch works in interesting ways. If I like what I hear, I save the table as a new variation.
  • Open the original patch. Change OSC A’s wavetable. All the same modulation behaviors, but sometimes interesting results.
  • Open a different patch. Try the rendered or resampled wavetables from before. I threw in a patch that was a pad done this way.

Nothing ground breaking, but avenues to find other potential uses, tones, etc.

"Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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