Reply To: BLEJ Serum Patches + Halogenix Q&A

,Suspect Dnb

So I saw this last night and was bored so I starting messing with the patch… It was sounding cool so I bounced some drums and put them on half tempo and built a simple bassline. I used two instances of serum one for the famous hi part (changed all within serum itself, I didn’t do that much to it honestly) and for the low part I just turned off the oscilator A and added some distortion. That’s all the mixing I did, I had to stop before getting super into it because I dn’t want to spend two days with it, just wanted to make a quick little thing with different vibes than the original. For the “intro” “pad” it’s just the hi part with some reverb and stuff, and there’s no more FX than that.

According to FL the lil project took 1h 56min

Here’s the patch:

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