Reply To: ***DEMO SEND OUT*** Artists included..


Hi Guys,

Updates on this: There have been some signings to labels, and the artists know who they are there.
Should be able to post updates on that eventually.
Some which we sent out were also taken by other labels which we didn’t sent to, but the artists sent themselves, again news on that will follow at some point.

Also in the next few weeks, we have 3 of the tracks being played on Noisia Radio.
And finally we have assembled a New Genie Dubs EP from some of the tunes, coming out in a month or so 😀

We spoke with Kasra about the demo’s and he listened to them all – feedback was quite short, but “nothing jumped out at him on this round”
But that’s purely a taste thing – the tracks were great and mixdowns strong.

So thanks again everybody for taking part in this round. We’ll open another opportunity in the coming months, probably kicking off the new year with one 🙂

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