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      ,GENIE HQ

      Hi everyone..

      We’ve had some very nice demo’s in, thanks to all that have submitted so far.
      We’ll be sending the folder out to label owners and managers of:

      Critical – Dispatch – Invisible – Automate – Eatbrain – Flexout + more

      Also a couple of weeks later, we’ll send them to every artist we have worked with on Sample Genie so far.. both in previous years and for next season. A big A-list of artists who will all listen to the tunes and play them if they like them!

      All styles welcome and encouraged.

      Last time we had some signed and also Kasra, Fre4knc and some others played the tunes, so it’s really worthwhile if you want to get your name out there.

      So about 3 weeks to get your submissions in!

      Get BUSY!

      PS. Please email private soundcloud links to [email protected]

      Thanks 😀

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      ,Suspect Dnb

      Hi! I’ve got a question, can we send more than one tune? Is there a limit?
      Cheers & keep up this great work!

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        ,GENIE HQ

        sure you can send more than one… but make sure they are your best work..

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      Hi there, this sounds good.
      Can you be more precise on the deadline, like what is the actual day for the final submission?

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        ,GENIE HQ

        Hi There, the deadline is now 5th June… so still time! Look forward to hearing from you.

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      Nice one, cheers. Will definitely send my stuff over when it’s ready before the deadline.

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        ,GENIE HQ


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      ,Ruben D

      FIRE!!!!! \m/

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Absolutely bowled over by the quality of music sent in for this!
      We’ll be making the final list in the coming days and posting here to say who’s made the cut this time around.
      Over 50 tracks sent in so far, all of them awesome in their own way.

      Much thanks to everyone who’s submitted so far.
      Still 2 days to get your tune(s) in if you haven’t already.
      As the saying goes “you’ve got to be in it to win it!”

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Hi guys,

      We have finally been able to whittle the list down to 22 tracks, it was not an easy task!
      So many cool tunes, it was very difficult to make decisions, but the final list of artists who made the cut into this send-out are (in no particular order) as follows:

      Dee Tones
      Altercate & Subcut
      Black Phil
      Percy TC
      The Stratta
      Target Audience

      These will now be sent to our contacts at some of the best labels in Drum & Bass. If we hear any nice things about your tunes, or better still a potential signing, we’ll be in touch straight away 😀

      We’ll be doing another of these again in the future, so keep an eye on this forum for more updates on that.

      Thanks again to those who took part – really impressed by everything we heard.
      Keep up the production, we have a feeling there are some exciting happenings around the corner!


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      It’s a great honor to see my name among the others! Big ups to all involved!

      subtle change make the big difference

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      ,Suspect Dnb

      Yay I’m in too! Thanks for this guys, you’re doing an awesome job all around.

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      Dammmn I’m late, when’s next? 🙁


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      ,GENIE HQ

      Big ups for the Noisia Radio Play this week…you know who you are 😉

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      Awesome, cheers guys made my day seeing my name on the list ^.^ Nice one Untek glad you got a play on Noisia radio I bet you’re buzzing ^.^

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      Thanks !

      buzzin a lot 🙂

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      ,GENIE HQ

    • #28895

      One more track from my first EP 🙂

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        ,GENIE HQ

        Sounding tight Nikola! 😀

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      ,Dee Tones

      Hi, Any news about this GENIE ?

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Hi Guys,

      Updates on this: There have been some signings to labels, and the artists know who they are there.
      Should be able to post updates on that eventually.
      Some which we sent out were also taken by other labels which we didn’t sent to, but the artists sent themselves, again news on that will follow at some point.

      Also in the next few weeks, we have 3 of the tracks being played on Noisia Radio.
      And finally we have assembled a New Genie Dubs EP from some of the tunes, coming out in a month or so 😀

      We spoke with Kasra about the demo’s and he listened to them all – feedback was quite short, but “nothing jumped out at him on this round”
      But that’s purely a taste thing – the tracks were great and mixdowns strong.

      So thanks again everybody for taking part in this round. We’ll open another opportunity in the coming months, probably kicking off the new year with one 🙂

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      missed out on the last one, so will get involved this time round!

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