Reply To: BLEJ Serum Patches + Halogenix Q&A

,Mind Zero

I’ve got a lot of questions, as Ivy Lab are my favourite producers and I love also Halogenix’s solo productions, so:

· How do you make that kind of organic sounds as, for example, the synth in the Glimpse remix?

· What rules do you have when it comes to put sounds out of the beat, like you do with all the
20/20 stuff?

· How do you avoid getting something sounding weak and dead when it’s being played in mono?

· This is not a question, and I don’t know if it’s ok to do this, but I would love to have some
feedback from you on this tune. It’s a halftime remix I did months ago, very inspired by all the 20/20 sounds so it would be great to know what do you think:

That’s all for now, thank you so much!!

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