Reply To: BLEJ Serum Patches + Halogenix Q&A



Thank you for the patches! Here is a small section of something Im working on. Its still WIP so I am reluctant to share. SOOO much more to do….


I hope you enjoy my edits to the patch. You will probably notice the use of some of the drum samples in this months pack to.


Hi Im Dave.
Im new around here.

I joined up with the goal of taking the samples and patches provided and make a new track (minimally) each month out of them. Here is the first attempt at that. I used my edited Blej Serum patch and drums from this months pack to create the track above.

I am still working on the arrangement in parts but feel as though I am close to bouncing everything and properly mixing down. Any feedback would be wonderful but mostly I just wanted to share what I made.


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