Reply To: BLEJ Serum Patches + Halogenix Q&A


Hi all,

First off massive thanks to all of you messing with the Blej patch. Great to see what you’re all doing with it! Sounding ace!

I’ll try and get back to all the questions as they pop up.

First off, Harry.

I’m not really a technique guy. I tend to just mess around until something starts to sound good. A solid base idea is essential to building a track IMO. I’m having a lot of fun at the moment with really sub heavy basslines and very odd dischordant leads/stabs to cut through. Rubbish for listening on your laptop but sounds great in the club.

Actually, going back… i have recently changed the way i process my drums, my next tutorial i think i’ll go in depth into this but i used to just ply my drum buss with all kinds of shit to make it sounds big but would often find that i mixed myself into a hole which was very hard to get out of. I’ve recently started messing with creating a basic loop with some compression/limiting on the group to get a vibe then i’ll take all that off, rebalance everything so it sounds ‘level’ with no processing then add some real subtle compression using Cytomic’s ‘The Glue’ to get a nice 4-6 dB reduction (no make up) then whack a pro-l on there and see how far i can push it before it starts to break up. all my recent stuff (none of which is out yet) has adopted that technique and i’m really happy with the results. Less is more basically!

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