Reply To: joe ford mixdown tutorial


Some of those standard levels that you are mentioning (like -6dbfs on the master) are more of the conventional approach that works across the board for all styles of music. Leaving headroom for the mastering phase, so that you can get it to sound however you want (loud, punchy, etc).

Joe is taking a very interesting shortcut and just getting it all done in the mix, skipping the step of leaving headroom for a final master. It seems to work very well, and makes a lot of sense for when you are working in genres like dnb, that are just expected to be loud and mixed to certain levels.

For me, he’s kind of taken out some of the voodoo that happens between leaving all that headroom and getting a final loud mix. And I feel like it’s one of those insider secrets that won’t be discussed broadly, and might not even be relevant for all musical styles, but for dnb it’s quite sound.

_-| get to work |-_

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