Reply To: Lamp Sessions (Monthly Challenge #001) – submissions due June 20 at 11:59PM UTC


For examples of specs / rules for other challenges, check these out:

For examples of demo tracks, check these playlists out:

Unsure how to approach this challenge? Feeling the constraints are too much? Ask questions, see how other members might approach the problem. Rather than thinking “I can’t do _____ with these”, think of a question like “I want ____ to ____, how could I do that?”

Lastly, if you like using Serum because of how you can process sounds in it, use it as an FX insert on your audio channel or after your sampler. You can still apply a lot of the LFOs and envelopes to the effects rack in Serum. That’s just one example of using a tool differently than how you might usually use it.

"Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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