Reply To: Lamp Sessions (Monthly Challenge #001) – submissions due June 20 at 11:59PM UTC


Just got back from holiday, so just under the wire. Thanks everyone that contributed! The feedback aspect was totally optional, but I am sure it is appreciated all around. I know for myself, the snare on my demo was rushed and I’m going to work on something classier to fit the vibe of the track. Here’s what I noted when checking out everyone’s submissions:

  • Joppa/JUAN – I dig the intro atmospherics, and the glitchy game sounds you crafted. Also, the name on SoundCloud is cool, The City of Joppa, made me think your demo was a peak at some aspect of your world.
  • TuoR/Adam – Very full sounding atmosphere in the beginning, and I like that swung 2-step beat. Very modulated bassline too, all those sounds talking to each other, little rips happening in the mid. This is a funky & techy head nodder for sure.
  • Target Audience – This builds up nicely, tension & drama until the drop, and then yeah, this is dope. Lots of cool elements, track has movement.
  • Balron – loud, angry, and ethereal with that vocal. I really like those key hits in the intro too. I imagine people in a dark warehouse really getting in to this. Really like that “juggg juggg juggg” bass fill too. Also just noticed you and TuoR are from Brno, do you guys know each other?
  • Shrike – I like how the track rolls in to the drop, and the I guess robotic chatter underneath in the first section. Then the shift around 2:12 is like a teched out version of “Warhead”. Demo was too long for the challenge parameters, but I think you could split this in two two complete tracks if you wanted.

I really enjoyed TuoR/Adam’s demo, giving his a vote for #001. Also followed each of you on SoundCloud.

I am going to talk with Genie about #002, I have an idea or two to run by, and we will have that posted next week when Season 6 gets underway.

"Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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