Reply To: No more Track walkthroughs


Agree on the arrangement part. I would like to watch every possible video that shows a lot about the arrangement, but the walkthroughs I have seen so far usually weren’t that useful (doesn’t include the Silent Witness one and it’s not about SG specifically).

Most often it’s just “yeah I/we did drums here and hmm it seems like we used eq on it.. then there’s a bass from Serum which is a great synth for basses … and yea, there’s a lead. Very basic. Simple stuff. Thanks for watching”.
It’s somewhat interesting, but in the end, it’s just “here’s this, there’s that”.

I would love to see more of “we felt these bars need some groove, so we have thought about chopping this sound and move them in the empty spaces because it connects well with X. We like to do this because having fat bass drum doesn’t work well with Y because of Z.” etc.

I simply want to see/hear the WHY. Not just WHAT.

But anyway, I understand it’s impossible to please everyone 🙂

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