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Happy? At 5 months…?

No. You won’t be. Not 5 months.

I mean, I hope you’re having a little fun, it’s music and foremost it’s supposed to be fun. But when you start to really care about it? Yeah, you’re gonna hate everything you do for a minute.

If you’ve seen 2-3 blips of you markedly getting better within 5 months then CONGRATS that is likely right where you should be.

I’d say it’s another 8-24 mos before you consistently make things you don’t hate.

What is the difference in those extremes? Your time in the chair. Period. Honest, no fuckaround work sessions that result in some kind of progress, and if possible I would recommend at least around 4 hours a day.

It’s one of the loudest, most technical, sub-ridden nightmares of frequencies in the entire world of all musical genres, and it is hard as fuck to make to the point where you don’t hate it.

Hell, if you don’t hate every snare you make&mix for the first 12 months then you’re probably doing it wrong.

The good news? You’re in the right place, here at Sample Genie. Post WIPs, participate in monthly challenges (regardless of ability), ask questions, and share ideas. You will get better, every single day. If you can, aim for a clip a day (two if you’re feeling it), and make every single one of those as amazing as you can within the amount of time that you’ll give them. Eventually you will lift off.


_-| get to work |-_

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