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      Hi everyone,

      I’ve been a member for around 4 months now and never really made myself known on here. I’ve been producing for around 5 months but so far haven’t made anything i’m actually happy enough with to finish. I spend a lot of time messing around just like I bet a lot of you do but I feel at this point I should have actually made something i’m happy with.

      My biggest struggle would have to be with sound design. I know 5 months isn’t a lot of time when you’re just starting out making music but i’m just wondering how long some of you guys have been producing and how long it was before you actually put something out there? Big up!

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      hey man ive been producing for a while now about 10 yrs all together quit for 5 years then started up again it takes a while to figure out how things work.

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        Yea man I know my way around my software and that but I just cant achieve the sound i’m looking for. I do put a lot of time in music and DNB has been there for me through some heavy times which gives me more motivation to work on tracks and i’m just hoping persistence pays off and soon I can get something out there.

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      Easy mate,

      One bit of advice is to look at the previous thread for the Nymfo Q&A and send him your material. I’ve been producing for 9 years and stopped this year as I haven’t made anything I’m happy with and really struggle with self confidence. I sent him my tracks yesterday and he gave me some really good advice as to where I am lacking and where I should be focusing. Even said to keep firing him new projects I have.

      I put out 3 singles and 1 EP a few years back but it took me a long time before i did.

      Producing Drum and Bass is hard but keep at it! Use the resources here for feedback and reach out to producers offering feedback.

      Big ups


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      Happy? At 5 months…?

      No. You won’t be. Not 5 months.

      I mean, I hope you’re having a little fun, it’s music and foremost it’s supposed to be fun. But when you start to really care about it? Yeah, you’re gonna hate everything you do for a minute.

      If you’ve seen 2-3 blips of you markedly getting better within 5 months then CONGRATS that is likely right where you should be.

      I’d say it’s another 8-24 mos before you consistently make things you don’t hate.

      What is the difference in those extremes? Your time in the chair. Period. Honest, no fuckaround work sessions that result in some kind of progress, and if possible I would recommend at least around 4 hours a day.

      It’s one of the loudest, most technical, sub-ridden nightmares of frequencies in the entire world of all musical genres, and it is hard as fuck to make to the point where you don’t hate it.

      Hell, if you don’t hate every snare you make&mix for the first 12 months then you’re probably doing it wrong.

      The good news? You’re in the right place, here at Sample Genie. Post WIPs, participate in monthly challenges (regardless of ability), ask questions, and share ideas. You will get better, every single day. If you can, aim for a clip a day (two if you’re feeling it), and make every single one of those as amazing as you can within the amount of time that you’ll give them. Eventually you will lift off.


      _-| get to work |-_

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      ,Zero Four

      Yo dude,

      Welcome, My names Matt. Nice to meet you.

      Having been down this long and frustrating path, I can honestly give you one tip. Just be you and make the music you love, if people like it then that’s just a bonus.

      Things get frustrating when you cant make a specific sound but just keep on grafting, don’t conform to a specific way of producing, e.g. starting with drums. Just make music and find a comfortable way that works for you. Don’t be afraid to just spend hours making sounds with plugins, synths but try and use them in tracks so the time is worth while.

      Don’t be afraid to get music out there cause all feedback is good feedback.

      Keep on grafting my friend.

      Matt AKA Retract:M

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        Hiya mate,

        Nice one for poking your head in and dropping a message. Its good hearing from fellow producers who have been and are still going down the beginners route and I wanna say thanks for the words of wisdom.

        Do you have a soundcloud you link or sommet so I can get a feel for what you’re style is?

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        ,Zero Four

        No worries, I haven’t been producing that long, like just over 2 years and its still frustrating lol. Keep at it, cause even now I am not 100% happy with my tracks.

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      Just stick at it and most of all enjoy it,

      I’ve been at this for 15 years on and off and it can take you to high points and low points, high points can be receiving excellent feedback from your heroes and you’re totally in love with the music and low points can be you’ve had enough and you’re stuck in a loop that makes you want to sell all your gear and take up fucking golf!

      Music production can be so rewarding but it is difficult, at the minute i’m totally in love with it but i’m having fun, as long as you’re having fun with it then the experience and skill will come.

      Oh and you will never stop learning, which is also fun.


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      Hey man,

      Nice to meet you. I have only been producing for 1 and half years. It’s been stressful as fuck trying to get the sound I have been going for. I have found that if your just persistent, watch loads of tutorial videos, take notes and you will find yourself improving within no time. Also, I have found the best way to improve is by taking breaks out of the studio and heading back in after a couple of days. When I get stuck for writing or sound design, this is what I seem to do. Feels refreshing when you get back into it with a fresh clear mind and before you know it you will see your production improving. But going back to what you said about making something your happy with in 5 months.. Well it has taken me until now over a year, to make something I genuinely like. Producing can be a proper ball ache sometimes, but it can also be super rewarding.

      Would love to hear some of your stuff when you’re ready dude!

      If you want to check out my stuff, here is a link to my EP I’m working on to get finished before the end of March. Blugh seems to be the favourite at the moment! ?

      Take it easy fella ?


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