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I love my AKG K550 headphones. They are cheap, like 150£ or less. Best purchase. I used to use sennheiser hd25 II but now i would only ever use them for djing. The AKGs sound amazing to listen to music with for pleasure purposes, all genres from sam smith etc to drum n bass and all the rest. Regarding mixing, they inspire me. I obviously would use monitors (Mine are Yamaha NS10m and Yamaha Hs80m – they don’t sound the same btw) to check what I have been making. the headphones are just for at night or when at work or whatever.

I have shit loads of awesome gear. I just bought a new Virus Ti2 Polar. I have loads of amazing vintage gear – E-MU e6400 Ultra, Focusrite Green eq, Mackie CR1604 desk. Im telling you this to show you I am not afraid to spend money. But, for me, I just couldn’t justify spending so much money on headphones just to make music with when on the road or at night.

Thats just my opinion though. Horses for courses innit.

Good luck with your search for the cans.

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