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      I tend to make music during late hours so I would like to invest in some high quality headphones.
      I am aware of the limitations of headphones and I would still do the final mix comparing speakers and headphones of course.

      What are you guys&girls using?

      I am between the following:
      – SENNHEISER HD 650
      – SENNHEISER HD 600
      – AKG K702

      I could stretch my budget up to SENNHEISER HD 700…..

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      all excellent headphones, looks like youve got a really nice budget to play with.
      Dont discount beyerdynamic or audeze, they may stretch your budget even further though!

      I love producing on my audio technica 50’s, I also picked up some 20x’s for work earlier in the year and theyre so close to the 50’s its almost not worth investing the extra cash.

      I expect those would be a little too cheap for you though 😉

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      thanks for the reply!

      So I managed to demo the HD650 and HD600.
      HD650 seemed to have a punchier bass. Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing (e.g. is the HD600 actually more accurate? was it the HD650 flattering the low end?).

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      My HD650s definitely rank amongst my most favorite possessions. As far as accuracy goes I tend not to get too hung up on these things, all I know is that between these, several other pairs of lesser quality headphones, my djing headphones (an important reference) my car stereo, running laptop through the telly, & any other audio outputting device I can find! I get a pretty comprehensive feedback of my mixes.

      If you want to stretch to the 700s or some Audeze headphones, then DO it! Do it & never look back! Treasure them & your creative time in the small hours.

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      Funny that you mention the Audeze cause I recently went and demoed the Audeze LCD2 and I think they are awesome – just not sure if they are $1000 awesome if you see what I mean 😉

      I am toying with the idea of the Sony MDR-7520 which are cheaper and are supposed to be giving a surprisingly good picture of the lower end even at low volumes. Problem is these are not available in Europe so I won’t be able to demo them.

      thanks everyone for your input! Appreciated!

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      I love my AKG K550 headphones. They are cheap, like 150£ or less. Best purchase. I used to use sennheiser hd25 II but now i would only ever use them for djing. The AKGs sound amazing to listen to music with for pleasure purposes, all genres from sam smith etc to drum n bass and all the rest. Regarding mixing, they inspire me. I obviously would use monitors (Mine are Yamaha NS10m and Yamaha Hs80m – they don’t sound the same btw) to check what I have been making. the headphones are just for at night or when at work or whatever.

      I have shit loads of awesome gear. I just bought a new Virus Ti2 Polar. I have loads of amazing vintage gear – E-MU e6400 Ultra, Focusrite Green eq, Mackie CR1604 desk. Im telling you this to show you I am not afraid to spend money. But, for me, I just couldn’t justify spending so much money on headphones just to make music with when on the road or at night.

      Thats just my opinion though. Horses for courses innit.

      Good luck with your search for the cans.

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