Reply To: Resampling with Outboard gear.


1. If you are doing it internally from inside Cubase, You’ll need to head to VST connections, from the devices tab at the top. Assign and switch on the stereo pair (assuming stereo) that is available. probably 3/4 OUT as 1/2 OUT will be used for your speakers.

2. Now you have created this alternate stereo out, a few fader will appear next to the master fader. So there will be two master faders.

3. If you have something you want to send out of the box, you use the SEND function on that channel and send it to your new output. This will mean the dry signal is heard as usual, and the signal is also sent outside the computer.

4. Process this with whichever box / pedal you like.

5. Then run the outputs of your pedal into your next stereo input on your Saffire (assuming Stereo)

6. Then again head to VST connections and make sure you have an input active that is linked to return jacks from the pedal / fx box.

7. You can then create a new audio track, and either press the audition button on that track, which will mean you can then hear the processing, or press record and then as it plays t will record the processed version back into the sequencer.

8. beware of latency, you will more than likely have to shuffle the recorded audio around a bit later on to get it in the correct time.

9. Remember your signal to noise ratio and have the gain staging correct, i.e loudest at source to minimise noise / hum..

Hope this helps

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