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      Been with Sample Genie since it started a couple seasons ago, starting to get a few things picked up. This came out a few weeks ago:

      And it actually resulted in me & the original artist (Glyphic) swapping a lot of projects back & forth, and starting a new collaboration project we dubbed Mortran (soundcloud.com/mortran). Got about five demo tracks done, with more in production.

      This came out last week on a U.S. label (SUB:LVL Audio), and they signed another track for the next volume of the EP, and signed a four-track EP that will be out later this summer:

      Still, a lot I want to figure out and learn about, and hopefully improve upon.

      "Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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      Loving the vibes man! it is the Glyphic Mortran and R4nsom stuff you have done? just making sure..sick stuff anyway man cant wait to hear more

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      good going on the releases bud!

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