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      Small tip for Ableton users – when doing any sound design there’s another way to save your sounds without bouncing them to audio.

      If you create a small midi clip on the channel with your sound design and then drag the midi clip to user library, it will create a backup of your channel along with a playable clip for previewing later. To view the clips use up/down arrows to select clips and right arrow to preview

      You can use this to save massive chains or just previews of synth patches…


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      I literally just switched to Ableton this week.

      I’m blown away by some of the power. And scratching my head at some UX decisions (can’t type in a value!?!?! WTF)

      A lot of the daw is self explanatory, and it’s been fairly easy to pick up and create, but I know it also gets deep.

      So if anyone else has any top Live tips, or maybe favorite devices or native instruments/FX they love, keep em coming.

      What makes Ableton great for you…?

      _-| get to work |-_

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      LOL, found that I *can* type in fields. Dumb me.

      Also, anyone out there? Is this thing on?

      _-| get to work |-_

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