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      A while ago, this dude showed me the technique of sending youre drums to a distortion send and having this low in the mix to give youre drums another layer, and i nearly always do this now. I was doing this on abletons returns but was advised to do it as a chain in an audio effect rack because it doesnt impart latency which can lead to phase issues, (which an ableton return channel might.) Just wondering if anyone had any experience and advice on this?

      Cheers guys 🙂

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      In my experience, the return channels only cause phase issues when you sent the return output back into an audio/group-channel for gain-staging. I’ve never experienced latency when the return-audio goes into the master. My advice: test both options, and use the one that sounds the best for you. If they sound the same, use the one thats easier;)

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        Fairdos, much appreciated mate

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