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      ,Sunken Forest

      Easy peeps.

      So this is a bit of a random one I wanted to shoot past the forum to see if anyone else has had the experience.

      After picking up Push 2, I spent a fair amount of time making bass one shots that can be loaded into simpler due to its tight integration with the control surface. Since adopting this workflow, I’ve noticed that when sequencing short, fast successions of midi notes, the vast majority of samples have an audible click due to zero crossings.

      No worries I thought, just play with the attack and release settings, polyphony set to one note, tried retrigger/not retriever, still audible clicks. This is also something I noticed with operator, particularly on plain wine waves.

      Now the reason I’ve decided to mention this here, is because using the same samples in Kontakt, no audible clicking with the same settings. But obviously I lose a lot of the integration with Push this way.

      Has anyone else had this experience?

      I understand that due to the cycle length of low sine waves, it’s unavoidable that short notes will always end midway through a cycle, but why a different response in Kontakt with the same sample?

      Answers on a postcard 🙂

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      Hey Sunken Forest, I also have the push2 and do not seem to have that problem with simpler or operator. I run OSX Mavericks and Live 9.7.
      Are the clicks there when you flatten or export the track?

      Wish I could help, sounds frustrating 🙁

Viewing 1 reply thread
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