Analysis of S1E06: Amoss – Inspired Sound Design

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      Focus is the theory of building your own effects banks, using more organic sounds. The aim is to go through two tracks and go in to creating unique, organic sounds.
      Part 1
      01:30 – first track is “Zoku”
      • Listen to full track here:
      • Looking at all of the little character sounds
      • Thought that background sounds can make a track more unique & the artist’s own; goes beyond a beat and a bassline.
      • Used an AKG1000 microphone to record sounds:
      03:55 – stresses the need for expression in percussion
      • Adding more dynamics and a live feel
      • Recorded little drums to add an extra layer, which adds more character
      • A lot of the elements are subtle
      07:00 – clapping example
      08:40 – ambience of the track explained
      Part 2
      19:45 – second track looked at is “Tikkd”
      • Listen to it here:
      • Organic sounds used were not recorded by Amoss, but this track used to show another approach to using organic sounds
      23:00 – recommendation to look at film sound design videos.
      26:00 – “building sound pallets”
      • Sounds made during a sound design session, then used months later
      30:00 – bringing a reverb’s room size down to create tight, weird, claustrophobic sounds
      39:00 – expanding on idea of a sound pallet
      • Dedicate a regular session to design sounds, maybe on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. Right now I kind of just do it when I don’t feel like sketching, arranging, or mixing.

      • I think the material covered here pairs well with the earlier Hybris video (S1E03: Hybris – Creative Percussion), and this season’s most recent episode (S5E03: Audeka – Advanced Sound Design).

      "Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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