Analysis of S1E07: State Of Mind – Bassline Workshop and bonus Q&A link

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      Topics: bass, basslines, bass design, bass layering, Massive, Razor, resampling
      Part 1
      • State Of Mind & Nymfo’s “Put It On” used for this video
      • Listen to track here:
      • Bass is distorted and stabby/punchy
      03:00 – Massive for the main bass
      • A lot of reverb on the bass before the drop
      05:00 – discussion on using reverb sends
      • Stresses not putting a distortion insert after a reverb
      06:50 – different bass layers to create texture and variation
      09:50 – mixture of audio and MIDI
      10:00 – bass loop as riser to drop
      Part 2
      12:30 – using Razor for this section
      16:00 – velocity as a modulation source
      • Use more for sound design, bouncing down sounds rather than use as an instrument in a track
      • Doesn’t find the OSC section to make a big change to the sound of Razor because of how much the last three modules manipulate the output of the synth.
      The last three modules in Razor seem to be the key characteristic sound to Razor. The oscillators seem kind of secondary. Also in to the idea of designing basses with a synth, but then resampling the audio and using that instead of trying to run the instrument MIDI through an entire track, free up some CPU maybe.
      If you don’t have a copy of Massive, you can use the demo and actually load up presets made by other people, and bounce down audio to make multi-type presets in a sampler. Basically bounce down a chromatic range of notes (B0 to C2), and load those in to a sampler. Suggesting this as occasionally there are .nmsv presets in Sample Genie monthly releases. This loophole actually works with all Native Instrument demos. Not sure about other synths though, but someone could try out with Serum (thinking the Halogenix preset from August’s pack), and I think some older SG releases had Sylenth presets.
      Sample Genie set up a Q&A with Knowledge / K-Mag around the time this video was released. SG members could submit questions, and a few were used at the end of the interview. It took a little internet magic, but I found the archive of the interview:

      "Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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