Analysis of S5E07: Disprove – Drums: Distortion & Over Compression

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      A return to my analysis notes from watching tutorials! I hope people find these useful, and if there is anything that is unclear, or any additional questions, post them and the community here will chime in to help.

      DAW: Ableton Live
      Topics: Compression, Distortion, Drums, Drum Compression, Drum Design, Drum Layering, Over Compression, Sound Design


      Disprove states that for this video he wants to ignore general rules, and is going for a creatvie and fun approach to drums.

      Part 1
      01:15 – Addictive Drums 2 used to make a standard 2-step pattern, with a mix of open hats and closed hats to give the break movement.

      02:45 – removed reverb from the hits, and disabled AD2’s overhead mic feature
      – Heavy compression might have unintended attributes if those features were left on
      – Pulls up existing reverb tail, rather than adding a reverb effect

      02:55 – compression with a multi-band compressor (PSP Vintage Warmer 2)
      – Drive all the way up, and knew turned up
      – Trying to make sense of what he says at 3:30, something “all the drums sound together”

      03:50 – EQ after compression
      – Low cut and a band boost around 70 Hz

      04:45 – using a transient device (Oxford TransMod V3) as a limiter

      05:04 – adding distortion (Camel Audio CamelPhat)

      05:35 – checks headroom

      06:05 – putting a gate before or after distortion
      – Disprove’s favorite gate at this time is Waves CLA Drum
      – Starts with it before distortion
      – Sets it to room setting

      07:15 – starts doing bounces of the loop
      – Does variations with different drums sounds loaded in to AD2

      08:05 – pitching up drums with Ableton’s Frequency Shifter plugin
      – Places the plugin after the distortion plugin

      09:00 – adding reverb tails back using transient shaper (NI Transient Master)

      10:15 – swaps in another distortion unit to try different distortion settings
      – Replaces CamelPhat with Izotope Trash2

      Part 2
      11:00 – moves on to working with drum breaks

      11:45 – “Ode To Billy Joe” break
      – Quadrant may have used this same break in his S2E11 tutorial, can’t remember
      – Setting warp markers in “Beats” mode

      13:20 – starts making variations in the beat
      – Moving drum hits, picking one particular kick to use, etc.

      13:45 – starts building processing chain
      – First a compressor (NI Supercharger GT)

      14:45 – over compresses the break
      – Describes it as having no definition

      15:10 – EQ added to take out boominess
      – Using transient modulation
      – Oversaturation
      – Distortion (with Trash2)

      16:50 – removes reverb tails using Transient Preserve function in Ableton’s sample clip box; turns down

      17:20 – starts bouncing down as samples

      17:50 – brings in gate to hear if he can get different favorable results

      18:40 – preserves effects chain
      – Applies to different breaks
      – Focuses on hip-hop breaks
      – Lots of layering and bouncing down variations

      23:30 – swaps distortion plugins, to hear how it changes

      Part 3
      24:50 – at this point Disprove says he has enough material to start his main drums
      – Uses the loops made earlier in the video
      – Trying kicks from one loop, and shuffles from another loop, to create a new loop

      28:20 – starts layering in synthesized kick sounds (Sonic Academy Kick2)

      29:20 – adds a snare layer

      32:30 – sidechaining the percussion layers

      33:30 – routing all drum channels to drum group
      – References his workflow, as shown in his first SG video (S5E01 at 02:00 in that video)

      35:00 – pushing distortion, since there is headroom left to play with

      37:40 – explains why he uses multi-band compression instead of an EQ

      39:00 – demonstrates trick to quickly add crispiness to drums
      – Breakbeat layered with a sub bass track
      – Squash the two layers together
      – EQ out the low end
      – Add distortion
      – Bounce down
      – Disprove does three different textures, then tests under the main drums, using bits of each crispy pass

      – Some additional chat about this tutorial from the DOA Grid forum:

      "Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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      ,dave [rom]

      awesome breakdown as always, super helpful!

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      ,dave [rom]

      Anyone else using Addictive Drums with an electronic drum kit (or maybe other software)? I picked it up a couple months ago and I’m really enjoying it. Since i live in a house, in a city, with neighbors … my v-drums are my main tool for practicing, AD2 has breathed new life into playing the kit. No major complaints with with the software but still trying to figure out a few things with tweaking velocity, etc. \m/

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      Hey there.. I’m new to Sample Genie after watching the first part of this tutorial on youtube. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the full version in the video vault, last tutorial shown is S05E06.
      Can someone point me in the right direction?

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        ,GENIE HQ

        This is going to be made available in the vault next month, so in a couple of weeks time… will keep you posted.

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        Weird I never found this site before, but glad I did now..
        Keep up the good work guys ??

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      It should be along shortly, never fear.

      The Genie can confirm

      A great video,BTW.

      _-| get to work |-_

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