Analysis of S5E11: State Of Mind – "Workflow With Bass"

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      Penultimate episode of Season 5, State Of Mind do a walkthrough of the basic stages of creating bass and accompanying lead for a sketch.

      01:15 – Drum template from their track “Lockdown” is used to give some drums to work against

      01:50 – Starting with crafting a bass patch in Serum

      03:30 – Picking a wavetable (WT) for OSC A, and setting LFO 1 to modulate the WT position
      – LFO 1 is set to ENV Mode, which allows you to set loop points on the LFO. The SOM guys find that looping like this can add to the groove, gives an old school sampler vibe and funk

      05:00 – Second WT, used to frequency modulate OSC A, using the FM (From B) warp knob

      06:15 – Trying different wavetables in OSC B to hear how they warp OSC A

      07:30 – Adding a flanging filter, assigning OSC A to pass through it

      08:30 – Applying FX in Serum’s internal rack, starting with Hyper Dimension
      – Explains that pushing Hyper’s mix to 50% or higher makes the bass unstable when it is collapsed to mono

      10:00 – Recommends using the global tab’s unison width section to control that parameter

      11:45 – Adjusting OSC B’s tuning, which changes the sound of OSC A due to the FM warping

      12:20 – Distortion with CamelPhat

      13:10 – Looking at the updated patch, plus two variations

      15:15 – Explaining the slight variations on the additional patches

      16:45 – Looking at FX send, used to create more layers to the bass sounds.
      – Done to add spice the bass
      – Also adds the benefit of side stepping phase issues that could arise from layering basses

      19:20 – Adding Vengence’s Avenger synth to create a lead, to layer on top of the bass
      – Aim of creating a repeating & evolving sound

      24:45 – Steps to modify the lead
      – LFO on frequency
      – Delay to create a feedback ring sound, akin to Black Sun Empire’s work

      26:30 – A more fleshed out 16-bar sketch, with more variety in the bass

      "Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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      Its very hard to follow this tutorial because of the bought presets they use

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