Analysis of S7E02: Satl – Liquid Workflow

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      Part 1 (25:09)

      – Satl’s plan is to show an approach to working with samples, recreating melodies using the samples in a creative way, creating a track sketch, and then a quick look at a recent track.

      01:20 – the beginning of a creative sketch, based on a musical intro sampled from a song.
      – Slices to guitar & strings he wants to use.
      – Stretches the audio to fit 174 BPM.

      03:55 – adds a pre-made breakbeat to rhythm & timing when working with the sample.

      04:34 – likes the last bit of the 4-bar loop, slices and places the clip on another track.

      05:15 – more slicing and moving around samples, also trying reversed pieces of audio.

      06:15 – duplicates parts to make a 16-bar loop.

      06:30 – wants different musical variations at the end of each 8 bars.

      07:50 – using intro of the sample to make a riser, adds extra reverb.

      09:20 – duplicates the loop to create a 32-bar loop.

      11:00 – low pass filter and automation on the musical parts, in 4-bar loop segments.

      13:00 – second version of riser at a different pitch, for some variety.

      14:20 – adding a kick sample.

      15:00 – clap used for snare, then a high frequency hi-hat is added.

      16:10 – another breakbeat added, more of a main break, sliced, and the kick is placed a little off-grid to add some different groove to the break.

      17:20 – adds some shakers as well, also slightly off-grid, and adjusts velocity/volume and panning.

      19:50 – filter automation on musical parts.

      21:00 – delay for little music cut.

      22:10 – little drum edits to add variation.

      23:15 – moving on to making an introduction.

      Part 2 (29:38)

      00:05 – starts with Massive, Satl_sub_bass patch is in the July 2019 sample download.

      00:40 – likes to write basslines in higher notes to make sure he keeps in key with other track elements, then transposes down to lower frequencies.
      – This is more of a musical bassline, moving between different notes, but initially sounds wonky while we works out the notes to use. All makes sense once he moves to lower notes.
      – EQ’s out high frequencies.

      07:00 – cuts out parts of some bass clips, to create variations.

      08:00 – edit/fill at end of section, drums drop out.

      08:30 – loads up Omnisphere 2 to create background texture, starting at the intro.

      09:40 – EQ’s out lows of the pad, adds a filter and reverb, draws in automation of the filter.

      11:45 – moves on to more musical elements.
      – Wants a melodic sound that will stand out from the warm sounds.
      – Also gets from Omnisphere 2.
      – EQ and filtering.

      15:30 – filtering is “easiest way for me to get things around”.

      16:00 – likes limitations, they force Satl to get to know his tools much better.

      17:30 – adds a vocal sample.

      19:00 – layering up different versions of the vocal.

      25:00 – explains why he saves drums from projects, and tries different ones during current project to hear how the vibe changes.

      27:50 – having sounds organized greatly helped his workflow.

      Part 3 (13:26)

      – Talking about sample sources and looking at sections of a finished track.

      "Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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