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      ,Joe Mathews
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      ,GENIE HQ

      More nice vibes dude. Doesn’t sound ordinary and that’s great, you definitely have a good thing going on.

      No particular feedback or criticism this end.
      Only advice: Keep it UP!

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      ,Joe Mathews

      Thank you so much! I will definitely be posting more tunes 😀

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      Really cool vibes here. nice roller. Cool weirdness from the intro stabs. The 2nd Drop is extra funky as well. I felt it could have used a bit more detail in the track as far as 1 shots and small transitionals. not too much though as to keep the minimal techy vibes. just enough to keep things progressing. mix-wise everything cuts through on my end but i didnt reference against anything. Nice one!

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      ,Joe Mathews

      Thanks so much for listening! I agree there should be some more definition to the mix. details are key! i’ll be posting more tunes soon that will emphasize transitions much more. i appreciate the honest feedback 😀

Viewing 4 reply threads
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