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      So I found this Area where feedback can be requested and thought why not use some other pair of ears!
      This piece is inspired by quarantine and ”reece heavy tracks” from the likes of sub focus, dimension or metrik.
      Even though I am quite confident with the track I encountered different problems while making this tune making it the most difficult so far (probably because choosing the broadest type of synth for dnb lol)

      PS. This is meant to be read either before or after listening due to technical aspects of the tune (the problems I mentioned).

      Even though kick and snare are audible and set to about -30dB the problem was that they were hitting the limiter before the other elements. It is not much I’d day 6dB earlier. Everything got LFO’ed to kick and snare. Maybe its not that much of a problem that the limiter cuts the kick and snare because there is no audible distortion or clipping on the drums.
      I set the limiter to the point where it cuts the drums by ~6dB and the rest just reaches the ceiling on point with only the upcoming filtered reese during the main lead being limited just a little bit. I just didnt wanna go ”full sausage mode” on the waveform.

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