Audio vs Midi beats

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      Hi guys!
      I’m pretty sure it’s a noob question and has been addressed already in the past but I’d like to hear opinions with regard to this topic.
      Is lining up drum samples in the timeline more impactful in the mix buss than using samplers (battery, kick2, serum and stuff)?
      Kind regards

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      ,just mack

      I would say lining up samples on the timeline or in a sampler are just the same but In my opinion I would say using samplers for drum programming is alot better, as you have a lot more option for volume control and swing.

      I would then just use the same bus programming if it was midi or audio.

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      I totally agree with you, I prefer to work the old school way with samplers but I often have the feeling that using the same sample on a actual audio track cuts better in the mix.

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      Ive seen some impressive results with pure audio one the timeline. My one and only DnB release was pure audio on the timeline. All my techno releases were done with synthesis and sampling. Ill have to A/B pure audio on the timeline vs same audio via samplers like Battery.

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      I use Logic Pro and Kontakt, I prefer to sequence drums via midi using kontakt. Kontakt has multiple outputs so every hit can have its own fader in logic for more processing if necessary. I’ve never been a fan of doing it via audio tbh, I think the piano roll editor is great for arranging drums, although seeing the waveform with audio for must be handy.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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