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      ,GENIE HQ

      Greetings everyone!

      In case you miss(ed) the link in this month’s pack, there are some long (amazing) foley samples made by Disprove you can download from this private link here. So atmospheric and absorbing, hope you enjoy using them in whatever way you can think of…

      Right. So, we’re in June, and wow, that’s another season wrapped! What a great year it’s been – from working on the development of all the content; with everybody involved putting so much thought in it all; to getting it out into the scene, it’s a total honour. Massive thanks to ALL the artists for so much passion and care and creative energy.

      We’re about to embark on our 10th season, and couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead! We already have the first video of the new season in the edit suite, and this one is going to be something really very interesting indeed.
      A few early batches of samples are in too and this stuff is incredible. We’re taking things in a slightly different direction for season 10, so expect the packs to be distributed in a slightly updated way….

      We have a superb new Geniedubs EP coming out very soon, ‘Air’ from the Elements series. Beautiful music. Also the winning tunes from the competition will be put up soon, awesome stuff(!)
      As always we love to hear what you guys make, and often able to help give feedback and check out demos, so the door is always open to send your music in.

      It’s both fascinating and somewhat surreal how much things have changed in recent years, and the whole format of education and samples has changed too, especially in D&B. And to let you know, as a member of ours we feel very humbled and inspired that you enjoy what we do and find merit in it.
      D&B is such a vibrant and exciting genre it’s so great to be part of it all <3

      So, that's enough of the group hug and waffle....
      Your time is precious: now go and make some f***ing awesome beats please.
      Here's to a great year ahead for you all!

      SG X

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      Thanks for these! There seems to be an empty Ableton Operator folder in the patches folder in this months pack. Am I missing something?

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Thanks for these! There seems to be an empty Ableton Operator folder in the patches folder in this months pack. Am I missing something?

      Yes! That folder was not meant to be in there, so don’t worry – no content missed. Ghost folder!

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      ,Mark RickettsMark Ricketts

      Hi SG!

      Really sorry that I missed this post – is there any way for the to still grab the bonus samples?

      Many thanks,


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      ,Mark RickettsMark Ricketts

      Please ignore my request – all sorted!



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      Was there a non-SoundCloud link for these? Their download button wants sign ups, social media etc etc.


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