Can anyone help me recreate this sound?

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      Hiya guys, Hope everyone’s good.

      I’m trying to recreate a sound from this months pack to fit in the key of a tune im having a go at, it sounds very similar to the arp in the tv programme Humans, iv been trying to make something like it since i heard it on there but i cant get my head around it.

      its called lead_Signal_Sawmaw,
      i can hear its hi and lo passed, and quite heavily distorted. iv tried a Delay and 2 arps doing the same thing across two octaves but i cant get anything like it.

      thanks in advance if anyone can help

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      Just a high passed plucky saw on a down pattern arp with a touch of distortion/saturation and reverb, I think the distortion after the verb gives it an 80’sy feel

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      Thanks for the reply John, i still cant get it exactly, but spending a bit of time messing with an arp gave some wicked results anyway so win-win. i liked the distortion after the reverb idea too, that didnt really occur to me before.

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