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      Easy people,

      Hope everyone is gravy.

      Recently just joined Sample Genie the last month or so its safe to meet who ever replies back! I have been out of the music game the last 4 months or so due to starting a new job and it taking up pretty much all of my time. However i am looking to get back on the tunes ASAP and i was just wondering if any heads on here would be up for collaborating? Would love to switch projects with people in here, I’ve been recently reading through previous posts and seems everyone is like minded. Seems a real good community!

      Here’s my Soundcloud page with some material from the last couple of years, please hit me up if anyone is up for getting on some serious tunage! Would also be vibes to meet heads in the group!



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      Hey there mate and welcome to the community. I only recently re-subbed and am finding the videos and samples very useful in my prods. I’m honestly not one to collaborate usually but I’d be keen to give it a try. I tend to produce mainly dnb but could try my hand at some dubstep as well. New EP just out today free to stream on soundcloud/buy on bandcamp.

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      ,Ruben D

      I could recommend splice 4 sharing projects back and forth. Supports most daw’s.

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