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      Every time I download the new sample pack winrar says the archive is corrupt

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      Have you tried reinstalling winrar or trying another rar program?

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      ,GENIE HQ

      We have tested the file and it is all working correctly.
      Can you make sure of the following:

      1. You are not running a VPN tool (HOLA, Hotspotshield etc)
      2. You are not using a download manager / accelerator tool
      3. You have a stable internet connection
      4. The downloaded file for April’s Sample pack is 131mb

      If you are still encountering issues we can send you a link, but for this month only as it likely an issue with your connection or restriction with your ISP and can’t do this on a regular basis.

      Please drop us an email @

      [email protected]

      for any further help on this

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      Also (as mentioned) try a different zip app like 7zip. If you get the same issue, try downloading using a different browser, it could be a plugin/extension causing the issue.

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      Thanks for the replys, yeah 7 zip worked it out

Viewing 4 reply threads
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