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      ,GENIE HQ

      Greetings everybody,

      We have an opportunity that we’d like to offer you all…

      We’d like to put together a folder of 20 demo’s from our members (YOU) and send this to our various contacts and labels within the scene. This will of course include all the artists we have worked with so far:

      Amoss / State Of Mind / Prolix / Xtrah / FD / Hybris / Inside Info / Quadrant / Stealth / Maztek / Mikal / Rido / Foreign Concept / Billain / Cern / Fre4knc / Silent Witness

      Also our contacts at labels: Ram / Invisible / Critical / Dispatch / Cyberfunk / Automate + others

      We’ll send what we consider to be the best 20 tunes of what we receive from you guys. This will be folder’d up and sent with a personal message for each label / artist.

      If you’d like the chance of getting your music heard, played or possibly signed please get involved!

      Just some notes:

      – Consider the people we are sending to and the style that might be appropriate
      – Make sure the track(s) are finished and full length
      – Send a maximum of 2 tracks into us
      – Master it if you want, a pre-master is fine too. But the track has to impress technically.
      – Ensure your demo’s aren’t online publicly, labels will drop in an instant if they see this
      – Include ALL your contact details please in the file name for the track.
      – Send a 320kbps MP3

      Please send a private link (dropbox / soundcloud etc) to our email address:
      [email protected] (download’s enabled.)

      We aim to send this exclusive demo folder off by 15th December, so please take your time in getting together your best two tracks. If we include it we will let you know.

      We really look forward to checking out your music 😀

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      I have a tune, however there is a 2 minute clip of it on skankandbass and it’s not the final version. Am I ok to send through the full final finished version?

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        ,GENIE HQ

        Sure why not, but in the event a label wish to sign it, you’d need to make sure you tell them about this…

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        Nice one 🙂 it’ll be on its way shortly

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      may i ask what do you mean by include all contact details in filename?
      like: [email protected] ?

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        ,GENIE HQ


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      I wanted to ask, I recently had album come out(few days ago) but still would love to be included in the demo pool for consideration as I won’t be having more releases any time soon. Is that ok?

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        ,GENIE HQ

        Hi Jesse, Sure I guess we could have a promo folder which includes some recent releases from people too. But the idea here is to send in unsigned fresh music from yourself, with a view to getting some releases / interest lined up for you guys. So try and send new stuff if possible.

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      This is a great idea, thanks for sorting this for us newcomers. I don’t really have anything suitable at the moment but I’m working on some that are more in line with the sounds from the artists you’re sending these too. I may submit a couple anyway, but if it goes well I’d love to see this happening regularly 🙂

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        ,GENIE HQ

        Hi there, sure send away 🙂 And if we get a good standard of submission on this round we will definitely make this a regular feature..

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      Mix or master?

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        ,GENIE HQ

        can be either, but has to sound good, possibly a limted verison..

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      ,GENIE HQ

      UPDATE: Some great tunes in so far, lots of different vibes which is great – please please please remember to label your tracks properly though, what if someone loves your tunes and we can’t get hold of you!?

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      Will this be something you guys manage to do bi-annually? I’m working on a 4 tune EP, I’ve signed a single and an EP already, but this next project is going to be really technically proficient, head and shoulders above anything I’ve created thus far, and I’d like to have the best opportunity for a tune or two from it to be heard by these labels; I’m working with a few expert sound engineers, and I likely won’t be finished until June. I love the community here and would love to take advantage of this, but currently don’t have anything worth sending. Again, that being said, I’ll have some huge stuff ready a few months from now, and I’d love to be a part of a later VIP sendoff. You guys here are awesome!

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        ,GENIE HQ

        Yes indeed, all going well this will be at least twice a year..
        Sounds really interesting and can’t wait to here what you’re working on!

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      snap on that ^

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      ,Chewy Jetpack


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      So the deadline is december 15th, correct?

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        ,GENIE HQ

        Yes 🙂

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      Just a quick question, are the labels/producers involved looking for strictly 172 stuff or would their be people interested in other tempos?

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        ,GENIE HQ

        Might be best to stick to dnb tempo stuff, unless it’s too good, then by all means send it down!

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        okay sounds good. also, would we be able to send bootlegs? currently sitting on a bootleg of a well-known track that I think maybe dj’s would dig possibly

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        ,GENIE HQ

        sounds interesting, but not on this round, thank you though:)

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      Sent!!! \o/

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      ok, selected two tunes…one neuro and one more like an electro/liquid thing…a lot of unfinished tunes and a lot of years spent with no motivation

      PROCESS.AUDIO Beta tester / Music Producer at C.Y.B.E.R.L.U.K.E.: Cybernetic Ytterbium Being Engineered for Repair, Logical Utility and Kamikaze Exploration

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      Hey there,

      When will you be letting the cat out the bag on who has been selected?

      I sent my tracks in and although I’m not confident, can’t wait to know who got through the first round.


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        ,GENIE HQ

        Hey Rowan, we have had to change the plan a little as there has been so much music sent in. Lots of different styles and not all of it suitable for each label. So it needs to be sorted into a few folders and sent out individually. We’ll be hitting the big labels first, then shortly after that the others + the artists mentioned. Will update asap! Thanks for taking part.

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      ,GENIE HQ


      To do this project properly this has taken quite a lot longer than expected, making sure all of the demos had multiple listens in various places, thinking about each folder and considering the labels they are going to…

      Firstly the strength of the submission is pretty damn amazing.

      Every single track had a distinct flavour and concept, groove or vibe.
      Every track we got sent.

      But as you know we’ve had to trim it down to what really is the best we can offer out at the moment. The top 20 tracks really were a pleasure to listen over and to know these guys have been using Sample Genie is just awesome.

      So the artists who made demovip001 on this round are:


      What’s Next?

      The First stage is now getting the demo’s out to the labels everybody here already knows or follows such as: Critical, Invisible, Dispatch, Cyberfunk, ProgRam

      Once we’ve had some feedback from those camps, we’ll be sending everything to the Dj’s and other producers we’ve worked with along with some other wicked up and coming labels.
      This way we can say to each label these are fully exclusive tracks – much more appealing!

      Well done for everybody putting their details on the files – If we hear anything we will be in touch straight away. If you can keep your tracks private and put to one side for a few weeks – nothing worse than giving it away online and then someone wants to sign the tune – nightmare.

      So thank you all again for taking part, this has been really exciting to do and so encouraging to hear what’s been going on out there.. There will definitely be more of these demo folders happening! Maximum Respect

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      Hi guys,

      Unfortunately looks like we’ve missed the boat on this, is it something you will be looking to do again? Just wondering if there is any point in us sending in a couple of tracks at the moment for feedback/forwarding or if we would be better off waiting until you do another batch, if that’s the plan…?


      Matt, Dan – Burden

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        “There will definitely be more of these demo folders happening! Maximum Respect” RTFM dude.

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Xtrah says:

      Wow! Thank you so much this is amazing, going to check these out immediately and let you know if there’s anything we are into.

      Really appreciate the time and effort of everyone involved and especially yourselves for hooking this up!

      Hope all is well and please thank the individuals who submitted the demos from me personally or feel free to forward this message to them all.

      Big love guys! Will be in touch real soon.



      Yasin Elgohary

      – Cyberfunk / Invisible –

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      ,GENIE HQ

      “Great idea, ill have a listen and come back to you if anything grabs me cheers!”

      Kasra | Critical Music

      “Downloading now, will let you know if anything sticks out”


      Jim Gash | Ram & Program Label Manager

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Kasra emailed and said ” I played *** by **** in Fabric last night, sounded amazing, do you have an email for him”


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        This kind of stuff is awesome, so glad to be a member here.

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      awww bugger i missed out on this one :S

      Next time ill send some for shure !!

      Big ups Sample Genie for such a chance !!!

      "Be aware of the unconscious"

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      This is such an awesome idea, super keen to get involved in the next one.

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      ,GENIE HQ

      OK we’ve hit phase 2 and the demo’s have been sent out to all the previous Sample Genie artists as well as some other great labels such as Automate, Icarus, Mind tech and more…
      Will keep you updated with news as and when it comes in 😀

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      ,GENIE HQ

      More good news!! Fre4knc has said:

      ” Awesome, some great stuff in here! Thanks 🙂
      I would play the following tracks for sure: ”

      Feline xxxxxx
      Insect xxxxx
      Phonograph xxxxx
      Deficit & Fearful xxxx
      SYK xxxxx

      Also the guys running Automate Recordings have expressed an interest to sign a bunch of the tunes to their label!
      We’ll be in touch with those artists shortly with the info!

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      Just got my Pro membership. Emailed a couple of our tracks to you guys.

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        ,GENIE HQ

        Thanks very much, we’ll check them out!

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      ,GENIE HQ

      Some more updates..

      Automate DnB have checked out the demos are about to sign 5 of them for a special EP + a single ?

      Also Foreign Concept is going to be playing the track from Corp in his sets too!

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      Hello, is there any chance that you are planning to do a VIP002 in near future ? I guess april-may


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        ,GENIE HQ

        aiming for end of June…

    • #39896

      Is this still a thing?

      • #39917
        ,GENIE HQ

        for sure: the plan is to open up another round of demo’s at the beginning of May, more info soon!

      • #41550

        sick! missed last time around will keep an eye out for this.

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