Do you even like metal, bruh?

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      Waddup SG crew. I was listening to “Honey Bucket” by The Melvins, and I was reminded as to part of the reason I’ve been into dnb for so long. Outside of electronic music, I fucking love metal, especially progressive metal.

      Melvins, Filter, Tool, Hum, Prong, Pantera, NIN (at some points at least), Marilyn Manson, White Zombie, Sepultura, Judas Priest, Classic Metallica…this shit laid the foundation for much of my taste today. Driving guitars and basslines, fast drums mixed to sound heavy and big…sound familiar!?

      I know some of you are with me. It’s arguably one of the father’s of neuro/tearingly dark & hard dnb. Maybe even a disowned father… But I know metal brought some of you here, at least partially. I’ve listened to some more recent bands, like In Flames, and some other Euro bands. But I’m def not super well versed.

      So, anyone have any must-listen metal bands or tunes, whether old or new?

      _-| get to work |-_

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      I use to play bass in tech/slam death metal bands for about 10 years and listen to DNB in my down time. I then decided to get more involved in DNB as I found the sound design and production aspect very interesting and allowed me to be creative in a completely new way.

      Bands I listen to and songs that I like which inspire me are Blotted Science – Ingesting Blattaria, Necrophagist only ash remains, Spawn Of Possession – Scorched, Brain Drill – Quantum Catastrophe, Sleep Terror – Somnambulist Pedophile, Gutrot – Teabagging The Dead, Goratory – George Clinton And The Nine Year Old Gutter Slut and Malignancy – Cross Species Transmutation

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        i was into metal in my early teens check out candiria there older stuff V.O.D. sick of it all , some black metal AT the gates

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