DUB Sample Pack feat. Dubkasm + Arkaik / Phaction / Nymfo… coming soon.

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      Greetings all!

      Just a quick heads up…

      As part of our cross-pollinate series we have a brand new pack about to be released..

      BRISTOL DUB is out soon!

      A custom designed D&B sample pack, mainly created by legendary Dub outfit, Dubkasm, but also features a fresh folder of bass made by Arkaik, Phaction and Nymfo, all focused around that dub aesthetic: analogue soundscapes, percussion, key, horns and FX – created by, and run through, some beautiful, ancient & unique analogue equipment.

      This will be offered to you guys as premium members first, and with a big discount applied.

      To get a feel for the pack check out this video. It includes an original sound track made by Arkaik using a couple of the samples….

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