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      Hey Juan,

      Some really intersting elements have been thrown into the cooking pot, but the recipe needs some fine tuning.

      The intro starts off nice and dark, and the sounds certainly set a mood for what is sure to come. I’d like to hear some more movement in these sounds by way of modulation, and some of the sounds jump out a little to much. Generally though, a good choice of core sounds.

      When the drums drop in at around 46 seconds, I think they struggle for impact. Maybe thinning out the end of the intro will help here? I do like the snare you’ve chosen, and it stands out in the mix, and maybe using a transient designer might make it even snappier if that’s desirable. Perhaps some more variation in the drums would help to hold the listeners ear too.

      The ‘middle 8’ at around 1.50 deffo caught me by surprise. I might have liked to hear a little more of an intro to what is again, an interesting set of sounds just prior to this section.

      Overall, I quite like some of the sounds in this sketch, so keep going!

      Hope this helps a little.

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      thanks for the feedback i really appreciate it

Viewing 2 reply threads
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